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Spring Break – Discovering “The Wave”

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"The Wave" Coyote Buttes, Utah

“The Wave” Coyote Buttes, Utah

Erosion is the wearing down of the earth’s surface by water, wind, or even glaciers. This place is a perfect example. I can still feel the wind blowing through this magnificent tunnel, slowly carving away the rock. You need a special permit to enter The Wave, and I was lucky enough to get one online. Once you receive the permit, you are allowed to enter this delicate rock formation. You will receive special directions in the mail on how to find it, a hiking map with photos that takes you to different stopping points. I wouldn’t want to get lost in this desert! Once you finish the scavenger hunt, your reward is seeing this incredible work of art.  Photo: “The Wave” Coyote Buttes area in southern Utah.

Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon

This canyon was eroded by water. I had to climb down a spiral staircase to enter the canyon. When I approached there was only a slight crack in the earth that was visible on the surface. I couldn’t believe what lied beneath! A native american group called the Navajos considered this a sacred canyon, a place to appreciate the beauty in nature. They named it Hasdestwazi, which meant “spiral rock arches.” It is also known as Lower Antelope Canyon. It is located near Page, Arizona in Navajo Nation.