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24 hours of Bangkok

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Our first stop, Bangkok, capital city of the country Thailand. Here people speak Thai and eat really good food. I had only 24 hours before my flight to Nepal; how could I explore a city with a population of more than 8 million people in just one day? With no time to waste, I jumped into a small, and probably not too safe, taxi called a tuk-tuk.

You have to be careful with tuk-tuk drivers; I first made sure mine had a clear idea of where I wanted to go, and we were off in the buzzing traffic. I made the most of my time: exploring temples or wats, climbing the steps to the Golden Mountain, finding the small “emerald” Buddha (it was really made of jade) in the Grand Palace, and finally finishing near some of the food markets where I had my first, and definetly not last, plate of Pad Thai. The added bonus of my time in Bangkok was finding a wonderful little oasis of peace and quiet, my stay at Pharnakorn-Norlen, with the delivery of afternoon tea and a nap in my near future, I’ll be ready to tackle the next adventure, trekking the Upper Mustang region of Nepal!


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