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I have two new Nepali sayings that I’ve learned while on my trek, they are so much fun! One is La,la,la (I have no idea how you’d actually write these in Nepali) which means “yes, yes” and the other is jomjom which means “let’s go”. Jomjom is a common phrase used by Trekkers, we are tired, hiking 6-7 hours a day, we take a break and then it’s time again, jomjom.

Our most exhausting day, around day 6 of 10 we ran into a problem. We had already hiked 7 hours to a small village, Syanbochen, where we planned to stay the night, but all three guest homes were filled. It was jomjom time and we were off hiking an extra 2 hours to the next village.

Yes we were tired, but it was worth every minute. Surrounded by some of the world’s tallest peaks, the Himalayan mountains were incredible. Bimal, our guide, tells me that mountains like Baldy, our mountain in Idaho, are only considered hills here in Nepal. The canyons and red rocks of the Upper Mustang were fabulous. The villages, some containing more cows than people, were welcoming.

One of my favorite parts of the trek was staying in the homes of the people, also called tea houses. Some were easier to stay in than others, I found running water and electricity a luxury. But, playing card games and spending time drinking tea around a kitchen fire showed me the simple pleasures.

Days in Nepal: 17

Days without a hot shower: 11 and counting

Would I recommend it: La,la, la!

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