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Lava River Cave


Lava River Cave, Bend, Oregon

  Bring your flashlights! This cave is cool and dark and home to one of my favorite mammals, bats! When the bats are hibernating, the cave may be closed to human visitors for their protection. The forest rangers are also making sure that new visitors are not wearing clothing that had been worn while visiting other caves. The  person entering the cave before me was asked to change her jacket and shoes. The reason for this is to stop the spread of a fungus called White-Nose Syndrome.  If a bat has white coloration around its nose, this is a sign of the fungus, which is very dangerous, even deadly for the bat. The spores of the fungus are invisible and can be carried by humans. I’m happy the rangers are watching out for these little creatures, otherwise we’d have far too many mosquitos!   Lava River Cave Exploring a mile long lava tube