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Meet Bimal

imageWhen trekking in Nepal often a guide and porters will help you along the way. A guide is in charge of your trip. He knows the trails well, and helps book tea houses for your group to stay in. Porters carry all of your stuff for you. I couldn’t believe what they can carry! Our porters carried two of our big duffel bags, they weighed 15 kilograms each! That’s 30 kilos and 1 kilo = 2.2 pounds, I’ll let you math wizards figure it out …. but that’s heavy!

Our trekking team was wonderful. In the picture above is the crew, our porters, Gautama and Gokul, and on the far right our guide, Bimal.

Bimal told me he first started as a porter. Then, after a year, and months of trainings, he became a guide. This happened right after he finished school, which in Nepal, was at the age of 16. He grew up in a town in Nepal called Gorkha, which is about 8 hours by bus from the big city, Kathmandu, where he now lives. He has one brother that lives and works in Delhi, India.

He started working for the trekking company in the year 2001, so Bimal has been hiking – a ton! He does trips all over the Himalayan mountains, but his favorite – the hike to Mt. Everest’s base camp, because it’s beautiful, of course. The hiking season in Nepal is usually in our fall and spring time, so this is when Bimal is busy at work. Between treks he gets a rest, about 5 days off. Some treks can be short, around 10 days, but others can take almost a month.

I felt very fortunate to have such a great team on my trek. The upper Mustang trek was incredible, but sometimes it’s the people you are with that make the trip even more enjoyable. Thanks Bimal, Gautama and Gokul!

Our duffel bags carried by the porters

Our duffel bags carried by the porters