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Bull snake and the Rattlesnake


The Owyhee river in southern Oregon provides the perfect habitat for Rattlesnakes. Nearby campers had found two in their campsite the morning I arrived. Although I spent time in a prime Rattlesnake location, I never saw one. Instead,  I was surprised to find another type of snake, the Bull snake. At first glance, Bull snakes may look like Rattlesnakes, but they are very different. The most important difference is that Bull snakes are nonvenomous. The Rattlesnake will give birth to live snakes;  the Bull snake will lay eggs. Bull snakes also constrict. This means they will wrap and coil their bodies around their prey before eating it. They will eat rodents, birds, lizards and bird eggs. As soon as I saw rings around the tail of this snake and no rattle, I didn’t mind sharing the trail.


bull snake

Bull snake